3 Things you will LOVE about Hypopressives

3 Things you will LOVE about Hypopressives

Hypopressive Breath

Hypopressives a.k.a. Low Pressure Fitness is a conditioning technique that benefits the whole core system and eliminates the injuries caused by detrimental pressure to the pelvic floor.  It starts with a breathing technique and takes that technique into many different body postures that involve creating tension and integrity in your body while breathing through the poses.  I incorporate Hypopressives into all of my workouts at home, and love teaching the technique to women in my practice.

  1. Body Education:   First and foremost you will LOVE the amount you will learn about your body.  I fell in love with the technique back in November 2017 at the certification course with Trista Zinn. The awareness for my breathing, posture and abdominal pressures grew with each session.  You will gain a better understanding of how your breath is connected to your pelvic floor and that your abdominal cavity is a pressure-filled canister that can affect your pelvic floor and core health in a great way or a not-so-great way.  Knowing that most things we do each day increase the pressure in our abdomen which causes a downward and outward pressure through places in our body that might not be strong enough to support the pressure (pelvic floor, tummy, low back, diaphragm). Hypopressives is a great core exercise that causes NO pressure on the pelvic floor.  This is encouraging to all my clients experiencing pelvic organ prolapse. 
  2. Best Abdominal Stretch:  Women will feel many different sensations during a hypopressive breath session.  Some describe a lifting of the pelvic organs and a reduction of downward pressure, some describe the feeling of a velcro release of scar tissue inside the abdomen and around their C-section scar, and some just love the sensation of their waists drawing inwards and upwards.  It’s such a countermeasure to what we feel all day that a 20-minute session can have great results on your core.
  3. Breath Awareness:  2/3 of the technique is teaching the breath.  Mastering your breath is like holding the remote to your emotions.  Getting anxious and overwhelmed?  “Nah, I’m just going to breath as they taught me and cool those jets”.  It’s pretty powerful stuff that is so overlooked.  I teach a certain type of breath that has many different names (ribcage breathing, umbrella breathing, east/west breathing, diaphragm breathing, etc.)  Learning how to re-train your breath can be challenging, but well worth the work.

Come out and check out the Hypopressive technique at my classes.  It’s not something you will automatically get on your first try, but with some work it will be your favourite technique to add to your routine.  If nothing else, try dropping words like “Tensegrity” and “Intra-abdominal pressure” at your next party and earn some mad respect from the hardcore gym-goers.

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